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Holcombe Doors and Windows

Holcombe Residential Doors and Windows: Residential Services

Holcombe company offers different types of services to its customers and one of which falls under the category of residential.  So, from the word itself, everything you will need about your home’s doors and windows can be supplied by the company. Please visit https://www.holcombedoorandwindow.com for more details



Aside from the materials, Holcombe works with local architects as well as contractors who are both popular in this field.  The company also has a showroom where you can check all the finished products, styles, samples and products that are available to all their clients and even prospective ones.


Holcombe provides energy efficient windows that comes in different colors and styles, configurations and materials where customers can take a look and choose from.  For doors, they also offer different styles and sizes for both interior and exteriors that customers can also choose from.


Aside from doors and windows, Holcombe also offers wood and iron balusters, handrails, newel posts and stair treads for a complete, custom-designed stair system as well as the trim pieces for stair treads, crown molding, baseboards, and facings for windows and interior and exterior doors.


So basically, the company doesn’t just offer the actual finished products but even the materials for all your window and door needs.


Now to top it all off, after providing you with the end to end process of what Holcombe has in store for you, they actually, also will deliver these items straight to your doorsteps.  Lastly, once these items have been delivered, they have certified professionals that will assist with the installation of these items to make sure that nothing goes wrong and that your windows and doors will function properly as it is intended to.


For any questions or concerns with Holcombe’s services, you may reach them at 205.991.3667 or visit their website to schedule an appointment with their professionals.

Holcombe Doors and Windows: Installation Services

From previous articles, we have seen the different services that the company Holcombe Doors and Windows provide.  Another service that puts them above the rest is their installation services. Please visit https://www.holcombedoorandwindow.com for more details



Installation services are available for all products that Holcombe sells including caulking, window cleaning, complete debris removal, and light remodeling needed to repair areas where replacements have been made. Painting and staining services are also available on request.


We know that Holcombe Doors and Windows provides materials that you need, customized or not for both residential and commercial spaces.  Now, aside from just getting the materials, the company also offers installation services so that you do not need to worry about it too and basically, everything about your doors and windows are taken cared for.  As stated in their website, here are the breakdown of installation activities that they provide:


  • Caulking which is sealing gaps or placing waterproof fillers.
  • Window Cleaning, before and after installation.
  • Debris removal to ensure that your new window will fit the frame.
  • Light remodeling if needed to ensure that the new window or door will fit perfectly and will match the shade of the other parts of the house.


These are all good additions and value add services that you can get from a door and window company.  Some would just provide the basics and if you want anything extra there is a fee that has to be paid but gladly with Holcombe doors and windows, all these inclusions are up for grab too if you choose to work with them. 


For any questions or concerns with Holcombe’s installation services, you may reach them at 205.991.3667 or visit their website to schedule an appointment with their professionals.  If you prefer, you can also visit them at their shop in 7008 Champion Blvd, Ste 107 Birmingham, AL 35242 from Monday to Friday 7:30 am until 4:00 pm.





Holcombe Doors and Windows: What People Say

We know that one of the most preferred and effective marketing strategies is what your clients say about your company.  Customers are known to provide feedback to the company or business they have worked with when their expectations are met or exceeded, or when they feel that good feedback is really due to the company. 
Please visit https://www.holcombedoorandwindow.com for more details



This is why companies invest in really making a difference in each and every customer they work with. 


This is the marketing strategy that is the cost the least but it gives a huge positive impact to one’s business.  The fact that a client or another customer is recommending your service means they are willing to put their names on the line just so other people can also get the same value for their money and importance they have felt doing business with you.


This is the same principle that is being followed by Holcombe Doors and Windows.  They take their business seriously and wants to make sure that their customers are very much satisfied with their work, to the point that they are recommended to other people.


On their site, here are some of the feedback provided by their previous and current clients.


“I am truly appreciative of the help, advice, and installation of my windows that you and your team gave to me.  Not only the professionalism and the knowledge of your craft, but the attention to doing the job right and also the clean up after the installation was very much appreciated.  It is so refreshing to be able to rely on a company that does what they say they will do.”    –   Sheila


“Not only has the appearance of our home improved, but the utility bills have also been reduced. The insulation and quality of the doors and windows are superior to our previous ones.”   –   Andrew


“From start to finish, the sales rep and installation folks were courteous and professional.  I have been recommending that my friends to contact Van Holcombe for their window and doors needs.”   –   Doug